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Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Social Policy Network

This recently established network will provide a first port of call for online information on social policy and social welfare issues in the Middle East and North Africa region. It will seek to promote the following:

  • Academic research in relation to social policy in MENA
  • Up-to-date policy analysis on the key social challenges facing MENA
  • Information on social welfare issues for use by the wider public
  • Academic resources for university-level students in the subject areas of social policy and social welfare in MENA

The work of the network will include:

  • A core group of globally based academic experts who specialise in social policy topics in the MENA region
  • A programme of events, round tables and ESRC funded conferences
  • A virtual library for key relevant academic publications, policy briefs and working papers
  • Country-based profiles of the welfare systems of the MENA countries
  • A blog by Dr Rana Jawad
  • A Middle East and North Africa Social Policy jiscmail group open to all for your subscription

Main network participants:

The main participants in the network will be a core group of established social policy academics covering the countries selected for this project. New members are welcome.

Current members include:

Policy Briefs

Research summaries: