Institute for Policy Research


The Institute for Policy Research undertakes research into major public policy challenges. Our work is organised into four global policy challenges.


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We foster interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at the University of Bath in these areas, and undertake specific research projects.

We currently have active research projects on:

  • The use of big, open and connected data in policymaking and citizen-led activism
  • Welfare states in transition, including analysis of proposals for a Universal Basic Income,
  • Access to renewable energy in development contexts
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to public policy theory
  • Devolution in the UK, including analysis of options for greater devolution to London

We support policy relevant Research Networks in different world regions, involving researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Through these we aim to engage more effectively with policy challenges emerging in different national and global contexts and to make the IPR a vehicle for cross-national policy learning.

We have active partnerships with a number of university research institutes around the world, including Yonsei University, South Korea, Institute of Government Sciences and Strategic Development, Mexico, Sciences Po, Paris and Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.