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Health & Wellbeing

Our research embraces the physical, psychological and social dimensions of health and wellbeing and the political and economic context in which societies provide for these.

It is concerned with different stages of the life cycle: childhood and adolescence; the world of work; wellbeing and dignity at the end of life.  It is international in its perspective, examining for example the relationship between wellbeing, poverty and development. Our research is concerned with policies and practices for health and wellbeing.

We seek to improve the evidence base on which practitioners and policy makers can draw: for example in regards to alleviation of chronic pain; exercise, nutrition and obesity; disability. We expose the role of the international tobacco, food and alcohol companies in shaping public health agendas.

Our research extends into the Faculties of Science and Engineering, for example in our concerns with prosthetics, and the influence of the built environment on healthy living.

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