Centre for Learning and Teaching

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Staff Profile

Dr Andy Pitchford

Head of Learning and Teaching

Email: a.p.pitchford@bath.ac.uk

Phone: 5023

Room: WH 5.36

Key responsibilities

  • Strategic lead for the Centre for Learning and Teaching
  • Developing and implementing the University Strategy
  • Championing excellence in learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum design
  • Working closely with the Students' Union to further develop student engagement
  • Working collaboratively with other Professional Services and Faculties/Schools in order to maintain excellence

Professional background

  • Variety of leadership roles in higher education, most recently as Director of Sport at the University of Gloucestershire
  • HEA National Teaching Fellow 2015
  • University of Gloucestershire Research Excellence Award 2015
  • Secured over £2million in grants for community engagement and enterprise projects, 2012-2015
  • Reviewer of HEA Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence
  • External Examiner at wide range of institutions
  • Course Leader, Principal and Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire
  • Contract research manager
  • Contract researcher

Relevant qualifications

  • PhD
  • MA in Leisure Management, University of Sheffield
  • BSc Politics, University of Southampton


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Conference/seminar papers and organisation:

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