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Digital pens

Digital pens are input devices which capture the handwriting and pen strokes of the user and digitise them.

Notes can also be captured as images, for insertion into Word documents. Handwritten texts can be converted, using the appropriate software, into typed text.

Digital pens at the University

This technology was trialled recently in the Faculty of Engineering & Design to support the provision of rich feedback to distance learning students. Tutors were able to provide contextual feedback in an electronic manner, but with the convenience of marking a physical script.

Contact us for advice on how digital pens can be used for providing feedback to students

Please note that we do not have a central supply of Digital Pens available for staff to book out, but we are aware that some departments or individuals may have this technology available to them. Where this is the case, we can help you explore how you might embed them within your learning and teaching to better support your students.