Centre for Learning and Teaching

Tablets and mobile devices

Mobile and tablet devices have developed rapidly in recent years and are now widely used by both staff and students here in a number of ways to support learning and teaching.

These include the use of iPads, android devices and/or smartphones for:

  • presentations
  • marking exams
  • providing audio feedback
  • accessing educational apps and simulations
  • participating in in-lecture voting exercises.

We can work with you to explore ways of effectively using a wide range of devices to enhance the student learning experience, both on and off campus.

Contact us about the potential of integrating mobile and table devices to support learning and teaching

Please note that we do not have a central supply of tablets or mobile devices available for staff to book out, but we are aware that some departments or individuals may have these technologies available to them. Where this is the case, we can help you explore how you might embed them within your learning and teaching to better support your students.