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Mahara e-portfolios

The Mahara e-Portfolio system can be used for:

  • assessment purposes (evidencing, reflecting, synthesising, giving and receiving feedback)
  • showcasing and evidencing an  individual’s abilities (including to employers, professional bodies)
  • planning and setting goals for personal and professional development.

This system values the process of learning as much as the end product and places the power firmly in the hands of the students.

Using Mahara

Mahara allows students to purposefully collect together digital ideas, evidence, reflections and resources (including text, images, web links and video). They can then display these in a number of different views and meaningfully connect with other users.

It includes blogs, a CV builder, and social networking functionality. It integrates well with Moodle and is a particularly useful tool for recording and reflecting on learning.

Mahara at the University

Mahara is currently being used by a number of user groups at the University of Bath.

Contact the e-Learning Team to find out more about the use of Mahara


Introducing Mahara
Short screencast introducing Mahara and its features

An example Mahara e-portfolio
An excellent example of a Mahara 'view' from Southampton Solent University

Mahara User Manual
A complete guide to using Mahara