Centre for Learning and Teaching


Moodle is the University’s chosen Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Through the provision of a range of built in tools and functions, the VLE supports and facilitates:

  • the delivery of content and activities to students
  • collaboration and communication
  • assessments, electronic submission of coursework and plagiarism detection
  • the management of online learning and teaching tasks

Used extensively across the University, Moodle is able to deliver anything from a wholly online course (pure e-learning) through to one that supports aspects of traditional, face-to-face interaction (blended learning).

Its greatest strengths include the ease with which it can support a more active approach to learning through the use of forums, wikis, quizzes etc. and the seamless way in which it links to other learning technologies (Panopto lecture capture, TurnItIn etc).


Moodle Service Blog

Contains the latest announcements regarding service performance, together with information on relevant policy and protocols.

Moodle Support Hub

A large database of frequently asked questions that can be searched either by keyword or topic.

Hand-outs and Guides

A range of hand-outs aimed at Moodle teachers.