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Adobe Connect Web-conferencing

Web conferencing software gives you the opportunity to deliver lectures, seminars, meetings or presentations online, with remote participation and collaboration via audio, video and instant chat. 

As a meeting host, you can share documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations and your screen with participants, as well as allowing them to take control of a session.

Sessions can also be recorded and accessed asynchronously.

Web-conferencing at the University

We are currently using Adobe Connect as our web-conferencing system.  The web-conferencing tool is available to use:

  • for meetings
  • as a teaching aid
  • for group collaboration or tutorials
  • for seminars and lecture delivery.

Contact us about using web-conferencing


Web-conferencing case study
A case study demonstrating the use of Adobe Connect to stream a conference

Adobe Connect set-up best practices
A useful guide to using Adobe Connect

A practical guide to Web Conferencing [PDF]
Introducing web-conferencing and a range of software that supports it