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QR codes

A QR Code is an extension of a barcode that you might see on a variety of products or surfaces.

A QR Code could be put on a poster or on a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

  • as a marketing tool
  • to encourage individuals to visit a particular website
  • to allow people to book onto a course
  • to enable users to access a phone number
  • to make more information available about a particular topic.

QR codes at the University

We have piloted the use of QR Codes on coversheets to support physical hand in of coursework within a number of Departments.

Contact us to discuss how you could use QR codes for educational purposes


The use of QR codes in education: A getting started guide for academics
A working paper written by the e-Learning Team at the University of Bath

Piloting the use of an electronic system to record and monitor the physical submission of student work
Project report  from the e-Learning Team at the University of Bath