Centre for Learning and Teaching

Scheduling Re:View Recordings

The Audio Visual Unit has revised the process for scheduling Re:View recordings for SAMIS coded units in Moodle.  This is as follows:

  • Download the Excel Spreadsheet
  • Fill out with your requirements
  • Return to completed spreadsheet to the AV Unit
  • A minimum of 1 working day's notice is required for all lecture capture requests






  • Use the dropdown to choose your course/unit code in the first column and to select the room (column 2).
  • Bookings can be made for weeks 1-52 of 2017/18 only (week 1 starts on 2 October) - NOTE: Week 1 of Semester 2 is Week 19 (see the academic year chart to check week numbers)
  • If you are scheduling a one-off recording, the start week and end week numbers should be the same - do not leave the end week blank.  You will need to enter one line for each session in this case.
  • Lecturer name or recording requester should be entered in the last column. 
  • Recordings will start at 15 minutes past the hour and end at 10 minutes past the hour.
  • Any recordings scheduled for bank holidays or vacation periods will be ignored.

If you need to schedule a recording for a Moodle course that is not SAMIS coded, then please do not use the spreadsheet.  For these recordings, you need to book via the Lecture Capture Request Form.

If you have any queries or issues, please contact the AV Unit.