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TurningPoint (EVS)

The TurningPoint-based Electronic Voting System (EVS) is an anonymous and formative feedback mechanism. It can be used to promote deep learning by students within a face to face content.

The use of TurningPoint EVS is administered by Audio Visual (AV) Services and is pedagogically supported by the e-Learning Team.

Using TurningPoint (EVS)

The TurningPoint software works within Microsoft PowerPoint, giving lecture slides greater impact. The system is based on 400 clickers (available in bags of 40 or 80 handsets) which are accompanied by a USB RF receiver.

Students use the clickers to 'vote' or give a feedback response to questions posed in the presentation.

The EVS is more than just a simple voting system, allowing lecturers to collect and analyse feedback in a variety of ways through TurningReports. These results can be shared quickly and easily through complimentary software such as Moodle.

TurningPoint (EVS) at the University

The EVS has been used extensively within staff development activities at the University of Bath and is a now a recognised feature in numerous student lectures across a wide variety of disciplines.

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