Centre for Learning and Teaching


Support and development

During the past year, we have worked with over 200 staff across the University in a developmental capacity, ranging from 1-2-1 support/training to providing highly tailored departmental workshops on demand. We provide support, advice and guidance to help you in identifying and integrating a range of learning technologies to create rich, dynamic and engaging learning environments for your students. We are available to:

  • assist you in evaluating aspects of your online teaching
  • review the online presence of your units/programmes and your use of tools to enhance student learning
  • provide feedback prior to Degree Scheme Reviews and assist academic teams in implementing changes
  • work with you to (re)design curricula in order to take account of the benefits offered by technology and promote the development of students’ digital literacies
  • work with you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning, teaching and assessment practices through the use of technology.

We offer many types of supports, including:

One-to-one sessions with a Learning Technologist

Would you like to:

  • learn something new?
  • discuss your ideas on how technology might enhance your practice?
  • troubleshoot a problem you are encountering?
  • discover the potential of what is possible?

You can book a dedicated one-to-one session with a Learning Technologist.

Departmental or small group sessions

We are happy to be invited into departments to facilitate highly tailored sessions on topics of your choice. These may stem from departmental goals for which you would like to use technology, such as improving feedback methods or increasing student engagement in class, or specific issues that you wish to address.

We can work with you to explore how technology can enhance your department's practices further. We can share case studies from across the University and from the wider higher education sector which may be useful to you and your department. We are also available to attend departmental meetings to update you on changes and new developments and outline how they may support your work.

Contact us to discuss your departmental needs and areas of interest.

Seminars, training courses and workshops

Throughout the year we offer a number of seminars, training courses and workshops which are applicable to wide audiences. You are welcome to sign up for any of these events.

Find further information on courses and events on e-learning and other tools and technologies.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, we can always design a bespoke workshop for you, your team or department.

Contact us to discuss your request for a bespoke workshop.

Telephone support

For immediate and high priority troubleshooting needs you can call our Learning Technologists. They will be happy to guide you through your use of technology and assist you in resolving any issues you are experiencing.

Check the CLT staff directory for the Technology Enhanced Learning team contact details