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Academic integrity information

Academic integrity training

Read detailed information on dealing with plagiarism in:

QA53 Examination and Assessment Offences

Introduction to academic integrity

We place great emphasis on ensuring all our students understand the importance of academic integrity from the outset.

To raise awareness of plagiarism and the importance of academic integrity, we have implemented mandatory training and a test which all students are required to undertake. This training and test was introduced in October 2011.

A presentation on academic integrity has been made available for use during induction for new and returning students at your first meeting.

Download the PowerPoint presentation on academic integrity


An online Epigeum tutorial called 'Plagiarism and How to Avoid it' provides training for students. The tutorial aims to provide students with a basic understanding of plagiarism and referencing.

You may provide separate training within your department, if appropriate. All students are expected to undertake appropriate training before they attempt the test.


A standard test based in Moodle is available for all departments to use with their students. You may modify this test within your department if you wish.

Students must score at least 85% in order to pass the test.

Students must take and pass the test before the next progression point in their studies. For some students this will mean passing the test before they can graduate. Our University regulations have been revised to reflect this.

Plagiarism Penalties

Having passed the test, it will be assumed that students have an understanding of plagiarism and its consequences. Therefore, after this point, if they are found to have plagiarised in their work, they will not be allowed to claim ignorance of plagiarism in mitigation.