Centre for Learning and Teaching

Current TDF Projects 2016-17

We were pleased to award TDF funding to the following projects. Each of these projects is taking forward a new and exciting innovation in learning and teaching development.

This year's TDF projects and project leader(s) are listed below. You are welcome to contact the project holders directly for further information.

  • COP21 implementation: linking teaching strengths across the University, Emma Emanuelsson Patterson, Chemical Engineering and Aurelie Charles, Social and Policy Sciences
  • COBwEB: Computer based examinations @ Bath, Andrew Heath, Architecture & Civil Engineering and Tracey Madden, Engineering & Design

  • Developing professional behaviours, Louise Oliver, Science

  • Final year undergraduate project allocation system, Araxi Urrutia and Chris Todd, Biology and Biochemistry

  • Maximising UKES data to support the enhancement of the undergraduate student learning experience,  Anthony Payne, Student Services; Maggie Ward Goodbody, Skills Centre; & Shaun McGall, CLT

  • Bath automated marking project, Julian Padget, Rachid Hourizi, James Davenport, Alan Hayes & Marina De Vos Computer Science; Chris Clarke, Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Alan Hunter, Mechanical Engineering; & Nick McCullen, Architecture & Civil Engineering

  • Student Learning Associates 3, Jenny Medland, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Implementing and evaluating a web-based programme (Silvercloud) to improve student resilience and wellbeing, Charlotte Dack, Department of Psychology and Anthony Payne, Student Services 

  • Using live streaming and short video tutorials to enhance and extend mathematics and academic skills support, Cheryle Voake-Jones, MASH and Miranda Armstrong, ASC

  • Digital Skills Centre, Keith Brown, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology



At the end of these projects, short abstracts will be published describing each project's findings, outcomes and lessons learned.