Centre for Learning and Teaching


News and achievements

Keeping you informed of what is happening in learning and teaching is an important part of what we do. You can find out about new developments, events and the latest initiatives through our news pages.

You can also tell us about the learning and teaching activities, developments and projects you are involved with and we will help you publicise them across the University.

How you can celebrate your learning and teaching achievements?

Celebrating your learning and teaching achievements and keeping each other and our students informed of these achievements is important, for example, our National Student Survey results. To do this we have developed an internal communications campaign called Better@Bath.

Through Better@Bath we share achievements and information by:

  • sharing our University achievements through our Better@Bath web pages
  • publishing a bi-annual learning and teaching booklet showcasing learning and teaching for staff
  • running an annual publicity campaign for students highlighting key University achievements
  • hosting an annual open staff reception to celebrate the year's learning and teaching achievements

How we keep our students informed?

Keeping our students informed of how we respond to their feedback is a key part of the way in which we encourage and support our students to co-own their experience here. Each year, we collate our key University achievements and inform students through our Better@Bath leaflets, web pages and give-aways on Better@Bath Day.

Read more information about Better@Bath for students