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Student Engagement Team: Find out about our services

Mon Jun 12 10:59:00 BST 2017

Speak to us about effectively collecting, using and responding to feedback from students, support for Directors of Studies, and engaging students in developing learning and teaching

The Student Engagement Team, within the Centre for Learning & Teaching, aims to engage students as active partners in their education; the Student Engagement Team are here to support the environment that enables both staff and students to make that happen.

We continue to administer the collection of feedback from students across the university at all levels. However we are moving forward with our role in supporting the effective use of this information.  In partnership with the Students’ Union, we will ensure that students are empowered to critically reflect on their own learning experiences and identify good practice and development areas.

We will support our network of Directors of Studies from induction throughout their development, providing ongoing support to enable their needs.  Creating a space to share practice and ideas, we will adapt our offering in response to and ahead of the changing education landscape.

Key to our role for staff and students is the development of our student evaluation mechanisms.  We aim to ensure that student feedback is communicated to students in a clear, honest and accessible way.  For staff, we aim to use student feedback to inform our support – collecting and sharing good practice, both internally and across the sector.


We do this in a number of ways, including:

  • using student voice and feedback to inform practice

  • delivering induction and ongoing support for Directors of Studies

  • supporting student representation and governance structures of both the University and the Students’ Union including Staff Student Liaison Committees

  • supporting the development of effective student communication and feedback mechanisms


Meet the Student Engagement Team

Shaun Stephenson-McGall - Student Engagement Manager

Reece Horsley - Student Engagement Co-ordinator

Vacancy - Student Engagement Assistant (Placement Student)


For more information please contact us at studentengagement@bath.ac.uk