Centre for Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to our latest Higher Education Academy Fellows via the Bath Course

Tue Jul 18 10:59:00 BST 2017

The Bath Course in Enhancing Academic Practice is for University of Bath academic staff and teaching fellows to support their development whilst on probation. It is a work-based learning course which aims to develop understanding of academic practice within the participant’s distinct individual, departmental and disciplinary context.

Congratulations to the following colleagues who formally completed the Bath Course in July 2017: 

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: 
Miss Jessica Lloyd 

Dr Alistair Muir

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: 

Dr Elnaz Bajoori                               
Dr John Bissell                                  
Dr Emma Brandon-Jones                  
Dr Kate Button                                  
Dr Enhad Chowdhury                        
Dr Cara Davis                                    
Dr Matt Dickson                                
Mrs Anne Edwards                            
Dr Willem Heijltjes                           
Dr Carmelo Herdes-Moreno              
Dr Juliana Holley                              
Dr Janina Iwaniec                              
Dr Simon Jones                                 
Dr Matthew Jones                              
Dr Zafeira Kastrinaki                        
Dr Anastasios Koukoumelis              
Dr Ana Lanham                                 
Dr Weixi Liu                                                               
Dr Elizabeth Mamali                         
Dr Jorge Marco                                  
Dr Benjamin Metcalfe                                   
Dr Penny Miles                                  
Dr Lizzi Milligan                                                              
Dr Jamie O’N eill                               
Dr Oliver Peacock                             
Dr Elise Pegg                                     
Dr Asgerdur Petursdottir                   
Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi                          
Dr Bhavna Sharma                            
Dr Theresa Smith                              
Dr Keith Vance                                  
Dr Carolin Villforth                           
Dr Claire Vilpoux                              
Dr Claire Wilson                               
Dr Yongliang Yang                           
Dr Chenjian Zhang    


If you are experienced staff and would like to gain Fellowship of the HEA you might want to consider the Bath Scheme.