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Bath Scheme Fellows awarded in December 2017

Wed Feb 07 15:18:00 GMT 2018

Congratulations to our latest Higher Education Academy Fellows via the Bath Scheme

The Bath Scheme provides a route for experienced teaching staff to use their experience to become a nationally-recognised Fellow of the HEA. The Bath Scheme compliments our Bath Course for new academic staff and forms part of our drive to improve teaching standards for all students at the University of Bath. 

The Bath Scheme’s Director, Dr Rachael Carkett, manages the scheme and with the support of the Departmental/Division Bath Scheme Champions applicants are supported through the process.

Professor Dimo Dimov said, “The FHEA application process has enabled me to reflect on my experience and develop a strong framework for future development”.

Alex Cousen added, “As a PhD researcher, you get exposed to so many different scenarios; from the day to day research, all the way to getting involved in the many teaching opportunities available. Being able to engage with the many students at Bath is a brilliant way of developing your own skills in terms of research understanding and effective communication. The AFHEA scheme really gives recognition to this and also, as with all experiences, allows for a moment of reflection so that these skills can really be honed.”

Congratulations to the following colleagues went through the Bath Scheme in December 2017:

  • Mr Alexander Cousen, GTA, Dept of Chemistry - Associate Fellow (D1)
  • Mr Oliver Perkin, Research Assistant, Dept for Health - Associate Fellow (D1)
  • Dr Albert Bolhuis, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Pharmacy and Pharmacology - Fellow (D2)
  • Dr Aurelie Charles, Lecturer, Dept of Social and Policy Sciences - Fellow (D2)
  • Professor Dimo Dimov, School of Management - Fellow (D2)
  • Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Social and Policy Sciences - Fellow (D2)
  • Dr Paul F. McCombie, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Architecture and Civil Engineering - Fellow (D2)
  • Dr Timothy Rogers, Reader, Dept of Mathematical Sciences - Fellow (D2)
  • Mr Rod Valentine, Teaching Fellow, Dept of Mechanical Engineering - Fellow (D2)

University strategic priorities means that we are currently focussing on core teaching staff achieving Fellow where appropriate. Guidance and support for those seeking Senior Fellow is provided in departments currently. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Bath Scheme, please contact your Departmental/School of Management Division Bath Scheme Champion