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Progressing your career

Tutor with students

No matter where you are on your career path, we can help you with guidance, support and learning opportunities to further develop your academic practice. We do this within the context of delivery of the University's Education Strategy, which is underpinned by our approach to quality management which is set out in our Quality Code of Practice.


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Graduate Teaching Assistants

We can support you in getting started through our Teaching Introduction for Postgraduates who Teach” (TIPs) course. This course will help to ensure you are equipped to fufil your first teaching role. It will also provide you with an invaluable opportunity to network with other postgraduate students taking on this role.

Early Career Researchers and academic staff

If you are a researcher seeking support for research development, we offer a wide range of support through our Researcher Development Unit (RDU). You can find out more about our full programme of skills and career development for researchers including career management and online training.

Probationary lecturers and teaching fellows

We support you through the provision of the Bath Course for Enhancing Academic Practice. This course is mandatory for all probationary lecturers and teaching fellows. If you are working towards completing probation or are seeking promotion, you may find it useful to look at the Career Progression and Promotions documentation as well as the work of the Academic Staff Committee.

Developing and enhancing your career

We can help you progress your career and engage in a wider range of learning and teaching related activities. We offer an ongoing workshop programme covering a range of topics. Furthermore, you may be interested in seeking funding from our annual Teaching Development Fund to progress some new approaches to teaching.

Some of our other institution-wide projects may be of interest in supporting you to develop or enhance a particular aspect of your learning and teaching. You are welcome to contact us to explore opportunities to participate in these projects.

Professional recognition

There are many opportunities, internally and externally, of getting your teaching recognised. We can help you with advice, guidance and support through the following routes:

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