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As part of our mission to ‘deliver world class research and teaching’, we are committed to developing our capacity to ‘promulgate and support excellence in teaching’. Through this commitment, we acknowledge the importance of supporting our people in order to achieve and be recognised for such excellence.

What is the Bath Scheme?

The Bath Scheme is our own process by which you can gain national recognition from the Higher Education Academy (HEA). This could be at one of three categories depending on your role and the range of your teaching and/or learning support activities:

  • Associate Fellow [AFHEA]
  • Fellow [FHEA]
  • Senior Fellow [SFHEA] - on hold at present

What are the benefits?

Seeking recognition of your professional practice in learning and teaching offers you a range of benefits including:

  • Gaining formal national recognition for teaching and support of learning experience by benchmarking your practice against the UKPSF.
  • Demonstrating commitment to the professionalism of teaching and supporting learning.
  • Alignment to criteria for promotion.
  • Opportunity towards the planning of and engaging in teaching and supporting learning professional development activities.

The Bath Scheme also aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon and benchmark your professional practice against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)
  • Provide a route to professional recognition by the HEA
  • Encourage on-going engagement with professional development in teaching and support of learning as appropriate to your career stage and aspirations   
  • Support sharing of good practice in teaching and support of learning at Bath
  • Act as a means of evidencing the quality of teaching and student support at Bath.

How does the Scheme work ?

The Scheme has been designed to meet nationally recognised benchmarks, referred to as 'Descriptors' within the UKPSF. The UKPSF provides a general description of the main dimensions of the roles of teaching and supporting learning within the HE environment. It is written from the perspective of the practitioner and outlines a national Framework for comprehensively recognising and benchmarking teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education.

There is also a D4 (Principal Fellow [PFHEA]), however this is not currently included with The Bath Scheme. You can attain D4 via an individual entry route to the HEA. For further details and support to make a claim at D4 please contact Dr Rachael Carkett [PFHEA].

The dimensions are a set of statements outlining:

  • Areas of Activity undertaken by teachers and supporters of learning within HE
  • Core Knowledge that is needed to carry out those activities at the appropriate level
  • Professional Values that someone performing these activities should embrace and exemplify

These will need to be evidenced within your application.

Read a summary of the UK PSF and Descriptors.

You are required to write a reflective account of your teaching/learning support based on evidence gathered from e.g. student evaluations, peer review, discussions with colleagues, the good practice literature etc. If you have a TDF (Teaching Development Fund) project, this is good evidence to use for your claim for Fellow. The scheme provides a structured format to help you do this. The Bath Scheme is not just a 'tick box' exercise but has a more in-depth approach that ensures the robustness of the Scheme, provides an indication of the value of the Associate/Fellow/Senior Fellow status and ensures its comparability with similar programmes/schemes across the UK.

Who is eligible?

Please contact your Champion or the Centre for Learning and Teaching to find out if you are eligible to register at this point in time.  

For generic examples of the kind of experience required, please see our pen portraits