Centre for Learning and Teaching

Innovation in Learning & Teaching Award - Winner 2015

This Award is made in recognition of a significant contribution to innovation in curriculum design, content or delivery.

This year's Innovation in Learning & Teaching Award winner:

Dr Wali Aslam
Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies


Dr Wali Aslam was recognised by the Committee as having demonstrated high levels of innovation in learning and teaching through the introduction and implementation of a range of social media.

Using this range of media has allowed Dr Aslam to encourage his students to engage directly with residents from international conflict areas, so as to better understand the complexity of adversarial international relations in the Middle East and Asia.

Student feedback on his highly innovative teaching has been outstanding.

Acknowledged by colleagues for his energetic, creative and thoughtful efforts to engage students in discussion and debate, his Department put Dr Aslam forward as one of the key acting academics in the recently launched Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Warfare in the 21st Century.

In this high-profile role, Dr Aslam is able to engage with thousands of learners around the world, discussing in academic terms some of the most complex political situations in our world. Dr Aslam’s highly innovative teaching developments have inspired his colleagues and students within the Faculty and beyond. 

Noting the wide ranging impact of his innovative work, the Committee felt that Dr Aslam was highly deserving of the Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award.