Researcher Development

Researcher Development opportunities 

The Doctoral College and Academic Staff Development Teams offer development opportunities for all Doctoral students, research and academic staff.

As part of this we provide a variety of training opportunities, aligned to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF), to enable researchers to get the most out of their research activities and their research careers at the University of Bath and beyond. We also work with senior managers to foster an environment that is supportive and encouraging of researcher development.

Our development programme is innovative and of high quality:

  • Shortlisted for the Times Higher Education Awards in 2011 ('Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers') and 2012 ('Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development').
  • The Fellowship Academy talent development programme for PhD students and postdocs was highly commended at the Institution of Chemical Engineering annual awards in 2012


Support we provide

Doctoral students

The DoctoralSkills programme in the Doctoral College comprises a wide range of both on-line and tutor-led researcher skills development courses delivered by specialists sourced from within or outside the University. The programme is designed to:

  • support research students in completing their doctoral studies by providing key research skills and guidance;
  • engage students to think more widely about their professional and longer term career development after their doctorate, by providing training in a range of transferable skills and career support.

Research and academic staff

The Academic Staff Development Team offers a comprehensive programme of development opportunities (aligned to the RDF and Concordat) for research staff and academics to:    

  • support their career development as researchers or elsewhere;
  • enhance their personal impact and that of their research.

Topics covered include:

  • PhD supervision,
  • leadership skills,
  • impact,
  • dissemination,
  • working effectively.

We also:

  • work with Departments and Faculties and offer bespoke events tailored to their needs;
  • offer other development opportunities such as mentoring circles and conferences;
  • advise on researcher development needs;
  • advise on funding applications in relation to skills development requirements;
  • represent and promote researcher development issues to feed in to policy at an institutional level.

Staff who support Researcher Development

Development opportunities for staff who research and/or teach:

Development opportunities for Doctoral Students: