Researcher Development

Skills development for doctoral students

Why undertake skills development?

As well as undertaking your research, it is important that you consider your wider skills development during your doctorate:

  • to improve your effectiveness as a researcher
  • to improve your employability both within and outside academia

Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers.

The Vitae website has a wealth of resources and advice tailored specifically to you as a researcher, whether your ambition is to stay within or move outside academia.

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Supporting your skills development

The PGSkills programme offers training in generic researcher skills, benchmarked to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) developed by Vitae.

Use the RDF to help you:

  • identify your own strengths and weaknesses
  • identify areas for development
  • write a professional development plan (PDP)
  • discuss your skills development with others including your supervisor

Planning your skills development


To help you plan your development we have produced a training handbook for doctoral students.

Browse our PGSkills diary page to plan your development over the next academic year. Alternatively we have listed our courses by theme or by RDF domain.

As well as attending PGSkills sessions you may want to consider other development ideas.

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