Researcher Development

Speed reading - elearning module

Course code: RP00337

Topic: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

Mode of delivery: Online

Course description

This module will suggest strategies and techniques to help improve your ability to read academic texts quickly and effectively while avoiding common problems such as backsliding.

This is an online elearning course in moodle. To take this course, please follow the instructions below.

To take a Researcher Development Online course:

  • Open up the RDO moodle page (you will need your BUCS ID to log in). Alternatively, to find the courses from within moodle, login to moodle using your BUCS ID and password.
  • In the search field enter 'research skills online' and this will take you to a description of the courses. Click the link above the teacher names to access the set of Researcher Skills Online courses.
  • You will be able to take each course in installments if you do not have time to complete the course in one go.
  • If you are a doctoral student, and would like the course to appear on your PGSkills attendance record: Follow the link to the post course quiz after you have worked through the module. If you achieve 70% or more in the quiz, the course will be entered on your training record. Please note that it may take several weeks to show on your record.
  • Please leave feedback on the course by following the links in moodle next to the course.

Date and time: n/a
Tutor: Moodle


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