Researcher Development

Developing your researcher skills

We offer a comprehensive range of free skills development opportunities, helping you get the most out of your doctorate and to enhance your future career prospects. Many of these skills are transferable and will enhance your employability both within and outside academia.

To help you plan your development we have produced a training handbook for doctoral students.

Vitae is the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers. The Vitae website has a wealth of resources and advice tailored specifically to you as a researcher, whether your ambition is to stay within or move outside academia. Register with your Bath email address to get full access to resources.


All doctoral students at Bath have free access to a programme of skills training workshops and online learning modules tailored to doctoral students, covering:

  • managing yourself and your doctorate
  • information seeking and literacy skills
  • research management and ethics
  • data handling and analysis
  • writing your thesis
  • engaging others in your research
  • managing your career development

The DoctoralSkills programme is delivered by a range of specialist university professionals and external trainers and aligned to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) developed by Vitae.

Contact for more information

You can also improve your career prospects and further your personal development by signing up for free skills training sessions offered through the Students’ Union, delivered by student trainers, university staff and industry professionals.

Specialist support in information skills and library skills

Develop your information seeking and literacy skills through comprehensive guidance and support on topics such as:

  • literature searching
  • referencing and reference management
  • publishing
  • research data management

Develop your academic writing

There is a range of support provided by the Academic Skills Centre including drop-in sessions and 1:1 tutorials with a professional writing tutor.

Maths and statistics support

  • one-to-one appointments for statistical queries
  • online and physical resources, such as practice exercises, textbooks and videos
  • software training and support, including SPSS, R, MatLab and LaTeX
  • daily drop-in sessions for help with mathematics and statistics, including numeracy support

Contact MASH for more information.

Public engagement

Join and engage others in research through a range of practical public engagement activities or develop engaged research skills through workshops delivered by our Public Engagement Unit.

Language skills

Learn a new language, develop your existing language skills and increase your cultural awareness.