Researcher Development

researchers@bath courses: by RDF Domain


Domain A: Knowledge & Intellectual Abilities

Knowledge Base - Cognitive Abilities - Creativity

Advanced topics in Stata
DIGIMAP: Ordnance Survey maps and data
Finding scientific and engineering data
Finding statistics & data in the Social Sciences
Introduction to creative thinking and problem solving
Introduction to mind mapping with Mind Genius
Introduction to Stata - Part 1
Introduction to Stata - Part 2
Literature & data searching for eng. & design
Literature searching in biology and biochemistry
Literature searching in computer science
Literature searching in mathematics
Literature searching in the Social Sciences
Literature searching: Embase and PubMed
Literature searching in education
Literature searching: PsycINFO & PsycEXTRA
Literature searching - Reaxys
Literature searching: SciFinder
Literature searching - SCOPUS
Literature searching: Web of Science
NI LabVIEW Campus hands-on workshop - Introduction
NI LabVIEW Campus hands-on workshop - Intermediate/Advanced
Publications, citations and open access
Reviewing, managing and using literature (eLearning module) 
Reference management: principles and practice
RSC chemical database service 
Social & economic data for engineers & scientists
Searching for patent information
The essential social science database: IBSS in depth

Domain B: Personal Effectiveness

Professional and Career Development - Self Management - Personal Qualities

Academically effective speed reading
Careers: Successful interviews
Careers beyond academia (e-Learning module)
Careers in academia (eLearning module)
Developing confidence and assertiveness
Developing your academic career
Finding company and industry information to assist with career choices, job seeking and interviews
Imposter syndrome 
Personal effectiveness for researchers
Saying no positively
Speed reading (eLearning module)
Time management (eLearning module)
Time management for researchers 
Understanding your working style & working relationships 
Using a CV to sell and evidence your skills

Domain C: Research Governance and Organisation

Professional conduct - Research Management - Finance, Funding and Resources

Advanced project management 
Developing an individual research strategy
Examining a PhD
Introduction to ethics in research
Introduction to project management
Intermediate project management
Introduction to research data management
Managing your research project (eLearning module)
Research ethics and governance (eLearning module)
Referencing and plagiarism  
Stratagies for research success
Understanding copyright
Writing grant applications

Domain D: Engagement, Influence & Impact

Engagement and Impact - Communication and Dissemination - Working with Others

Augmented reality
Building research collaborations
Communicating your research
Confident networking and personal impact
Creating the 7 secrets of highly successful research students
Designing a creative public engagement activity
Effective communication skills for international researchers
Engaged research & effective collaborations
Entrepreneurship 1: Are you an entrepreneur? (eLearning module)
Entrepreneurship 2: Opportunity recognition (eLearning module)
Entrepreneurship 3: People, teams & finance (eLearning module)
Getting the most out of conferences (eLearning module)
Getting started in public engagement for researchers in Engineering & Design
Getting started in public engagement for researchers in Humanities & Social Sciences
Getting started in public engagement for researchers in Science
Getting started in public engagement for researchers in the School of Management
(Im)proving your public engagement
Intellectual property
Introduction to PhD supervision
Introduction to the Innovation Centre
Media training - TV &radio
Media training: how a social scientist can engage with the popular press
Negotiation skills
Non-academic Impact - making a contribution to society 
Open access: what, why and how?
Planning & delivering more confidently
Recruiting research volunteers
Routes to market: Commercialisation of a research-generated proposition
Routes to market: Commercialisation of an idea
Supporting PhD students in distress
Writing about research for the popular press
Writing papers for publication (eLearning module)
Writing quality papers