Researcher Development

Departmental Research Staff Co-ordinators

Departmental Research Staff Coordinators (DRSC) are responsible for supporting the department in enacting the new code of practice for the employment of research staff, and feeding back on progress to the Departmental Research Committee.

This support should be provided according to the University of Bath Code of Practice for the Employment of Research Staff

In particular, the role of DRSC includes:

  • Introducing themselves to all new members of research staff 
  • Ensuring that new research staff undergo appropriate induction via the relevant PI and others
  • Ensuring that all research staff are allocated a suitable career-focused mentor
  • Hosting regular departmental level meetings for research staff in order for issues to be discussed and shared
  • Ensuring that research staff are represented on all relevant departmental committees
  • Ensuring, with the support of the Department Coordinator, that all eligible research staff undertake an annual SDPR which is appropriate to their career path
  • Helping to ensure, with the support of the relevant PI, that all research staff are offered the opportunity of hosting a personal profile on the departmental webpages
  • Helping to ensure, with the support of the mentor, that research staff have the opportunity to undertake some teaching and/or PhD supervision activity, where desired, in order to develop a rounded CV




Architecture & Civil Engineering

Dr Juliana Holley

Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Chris Pudney

Chemical Engineering

Dr Matthew Lennox


Dr David Carbery

Computer Science

Prof Guy McCusker


Prof Michael Finus


Dr Richard Watermeyer

Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Dr Paulo Rocha


Prof Anna Gilmore




Prof Johannes Zimmer

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Linda Newnes

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Dr Lorenzo Caggiano


Prof Nigel Wilding

Politics, Languages & International Studies



Dr Michael Proulx

Social and Policy Sciences

Dr Joe Devine