Researcher Development

Representing research staff

Research Staff Working Group

The Research Staff Working Group (RSWG) represents research staff at the University. It seeks to improve the working practices, skill levels, job satisfaction and career management of researchers in order to recruit, retain and get optimal performance out of the best possible research staff.

In particular, the RSWG does this by:

  1. Promoting implementation of the Code of Practice for the Employment of Research Staff as well as the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Research Staff at all levels in the University.
  2. Providing a forum in which issues raised by Research Staff can be discussed
  3. Providing a forum through which the University can consult research staff on matters affecting them.
  4. Identifying issues arising from the Career in Research Online Survey (CROS) and other consultations.
  5. Reporting on its activities to the University Research Committee.

The RSWG was first set up in October 2004 as a response to the 2003 Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) of research staff and reports to the University Research Committee.

Current members:

Currently chaired by Prof. Chris Brace

Prof Chris Brace Professor
Dr Mareike Posner Research Officer
Dr Anne Cameron Researcher Career Development Adviser
Dr Jeanette Müller Academic Staff Development Manager
Dr Vimal Dhokia Lecturer
Dr Corwin Wright Research Fellow
Dr Joanna Watt Research Associate
Dr Junjie Shen Research Associate (Membrane Engineering)
Dr Joanne Hinds Research Associate
Dr Ulrich Hintermair Royal Society Research Fellow
Dr Karen Robertson Research Associate
Dr Simon Roberts Research Associate


 currently vacant positions:

  • a member of research staff from the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

If interested in becoming a member of the RSWG please email Jeanette Muller.