Researcher Development

Key information for new Research Staff

Induction for Research Staff

General information for new starters is available from the HR web pages.

Departmental Research Staff Co-ordinator

Each Department/School has a Departmental Research Staff Co-ordinator (DRSC). They are responsible for supporting the department in enacting the new code of practice for the employment of research staff, and feeding back on progress to the Departmental Research Committee.

Mid probation and end of probation review

Most research staff have a probation period of six months. Probation should follow the Policy and Procedure for Managing Staff through the University’s Probation Processes. You should meet with your research manager for the mid-probation review  after three months and the end of probation review  six months after your starting date. Your manager should initiate these meetings, but if they don’t, do ask them for it. Both meetings can be very useful in ensuring your work is on track and that you receive the support you need.