Centre for Learning and Teaching

Terms of Reference for Placement Tutors Forum

  1. To play an important and active role in strategic discussion regarding placements within the University
  2. To develop and monitor placement procedures and provision in support of University strategies
  3. To monitor national developments and formulate appropriate responses to initiatives affecting placements
  4. To make recommendations to Careers and Employability Sub-Committee, Learning Teaching Quality Committee, Executive Committee and Faculty Committees as appropriate and to consider any matters referred to the Committee by these or any other University bodies
  5. To promote and disseminate good practice relating to placements
  6. To develop guidelines and codes of practice relating to the conduct of placements
  7. To explore opportunities for greater co-operation and co-ordination in securing placements for students
  8. To consider and provide information on issues relating to the welfare of students on placement.
  9. To maintain a University web site with placement information.
  10. To promote continued professional development opportunities for placement tutors and fund from the budget.