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Good Practice Discussions encourage the sharing of practice related to an annual institutional theme.

The discussions involve students as well as Departments, the School and Faculties. They aim to identify areas for local, as well as institutional, action.

Good Practice Discussions are designed to complement the University’s internal review and feedback mechanisms at unit and programme level.

Read the Code of Practice statement on Good Practice Discussions (QA54)

Staff Student Liaison Committees

A review of staff student liaison committees identified the following areas of good practice:

  • clear and informative Departmental SSLC website
  • clear guidance in programme handbooks
  • letter sent to all distance-learning students advising them of the role and remit of the SSLC and providing details of how students should make use of the Committee
  • dates of SSLC meetings were published at the beginning of the year and provided at induction and on the SSLC notice board
  • all students were emailed to request agenda items and encouraged to attend meetings
  • a pre-meeting of students held where students would write up a list of items to be raised
  • minutes were emailed to all students
  • use of standard agenda items and the inclusion of university-wide issues when appropriate
  • use of standing agenda items
  • scheduling of special meetings dedicated to the discussion of key issues
  • SSLC received a summary of any formal complaints
  • inclusion of the Subject Librarian at meetings to consider Library issues
  • inclusion of the Link Tutor, BUSU representatives and Library representatives at meetings
  • participation of the whole cohort
  • valuable experience gained by students whilst acting as Secretary and Chair

This advice is based on Good Practice Discussions in 2002/03.