Centre for Learning and Teaching

Core questions for standard units

  1.  I can see how this unit contributes to my overall programme of study.
  2. The teaching was effective in helping me learn.
  3. It was clear to me what criteria would be used to assess my work before assessment took place.
  4. I found the resources (e.g those available by Moodle, lecture notes etc.) supported my learning.
  5. Overall,l I am satisfied with the quality of the unit.

*  Question 2 should be repeated for each member of staff who makes a significant contribution to teaching on the unit. This may include postgraduate students who teach (Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), Postgraduate Teaching Assistants, Lab Demonstrators etc.) and non-academic or external staff.

Qualitative questions

All units have three open text questions added. These are:

  • What works well on this unit?
  • What would you like us to change to improve this unit?
  • Any other comments?