Masters dissertations

MA Educational Management

Managing change : an analysis of the implementation of an educational innovation in an international school / Michael Powell

Powell, Michael, 2011 [PRINT]

Are training development advisers adequately prepared and supported for their role in training optimisation? / Laura Marsh

Marsh, Laura, 2010 [PRINT]

Missions impossible? : an examination of how international schools utilize their mission statements within recruitment and selection processes / Allison White

White, Allison, 2010 [PRINT]

Elements of successful induction in education : creating an effective induction programme for new teachers at Yokohama International School / Daniel Reynolds

Reynolds, Daniel, 2010 [PRINT]

Transformation through collaboration? : a critical analysis of how leadership styles promoted and inhibited a change in the organisational culture of a British international school in Scandinavia with particular reference to the teacher culture ; a case s

Myrvang, Sara, 2009 [PRINT]

What is school capacity and how can capacity be developed in order to promote school improvement? / David Jonathan Bown

Bown, David Jonathan, 2009 [PRINT]

"'The art of asking' : an analysis of higher education funraising in the UK, drawing on the US experience / Yasmin Al Rehani"

Al Rehani, Yasmin, 2009 [PRINT]

Metacognition : a door opener to ongoing professional development / Mercedes San Martin

San Martin, Mercedes, 2009 [PRINT]

Effective deputy headship : exploring the role and the characteristics of the Cypriot deputy heads / Eftychia Eliade

Eliade, Eftychia, 2009 [PRINT]

The perspectives of teachers on the implementation of international baccalaureate middle years programme in Chinese educational context : a case study of a middle years programme school in China / Li Bin

Bin, Li, 2009 [PRINT]

The cultural dimension in a school improvement process : a case study of two private schools in Argentina / Marcela Zinn

Zinn, Marcela, 2009 [PRINT]

The changing face of higher education : the role of management / Catherine Leighton-Kelly

Leighton-Kelly, Catherine, 2009 [PRINT]

Designing and installing a successful appraisal system in education and a review of the current appraisal system in primary education of Cyprus / Christina Lakatamiti

Lakatamiti, Christina, 2009 [PRINT]

Leadership for transformative learning : an inquiry into the relationship between educational leadership and transformative learning / Lodewijk Van Oord

Oord, Lodewijk Van, 2009 [PRINT]

The development of an educational possibility frontier model and the abstract application of the model in terms of international education for an international school / Ian Piper

Piper, Ian, 2009 [PRINT]

An examination of the factors influencing teacher morale / Patrick Hurworth

Hurworth, Patrick, 2009 [PRINT]

An analysis of the personality typology of those in senior management positions in an International Baccalaureate Organisation World School in the Middle East / Gillian Mary Williams

Williams, Gillian Mary, 2009 [PRINT]

How can a particular school in the Middle East bring about improvement by establishing its position on a journey to becoming a lifelong learning school? / Catherine Anne Souob

Souob, Catherine Anne, 2009 [PRINT]

A case study on learning teams and how they contribute to school improvement / Robyn Shona Hahn

Hahn, Robyn Shona, 2009 [PRINT]

An enquiry into whether the IB learner profile characteristics are a basis upon which to recruit teachers in international schools / Denise Ellen Walsh

Walsh, Denise Ellen, 2008 [PRINT]

How does initial perception influence performance in food technology at GCSE / Deborah Anne Rosemary Qaddoura

Qaddoura, Deborah Anne Rosemary, 2008 [PRINT]

Improving professional development in an international school : utilising the potential from within / Heidi Elizabeth Hughes

Hughes, Heidi Elizabeth, 2008 [PRINT]

"What is the image of school-based professional development represented for teachers in scondary schools? : a case study of teachers' perception of the need, actuality, impact of school-based professional development with respect to grade 1-9 curriculum r

Tang, I-Lan, 2008 [PRINT]

Conducting a training needs assessment at X international school and in the light of the findings proposing a training strategy / Tejanand Dewoo

Dewoo, Tejanand, 2008 [PRINT]

Comparative study of the impact of headteachers on the quality of teaching and learning in state secondary schools in Spain and England / Steven Robert Hardes

Hardes, Steven Robert, 2008 [PRINT]

Monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning through classroom observation : a study of the strengths and limitations of a recently introduced programme of classroom observation / Joanna Wallace

Wallace, Joanna, 2008 [PRINT]

"How to induct staff into schools with either no history or existing culture or a poorly defined existing culture : the case study of two international schools, one in India and the other in China / Lesley Patricia Davies"

Davies, Lesley Patricia, 2008 [PRINT]