University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA Contemporary European Studies: Politics Policy and Society

Externalization of migration management along the Central Mediterranean Route: assessing the impact of the renewed cooperation with Libya

Alessandra Lucci, 2018

Thematically Analysing the National in the Scottish National Party: An Exploration of Nation and Nationalism Theories

Suzanna Margaret Nesom, 2018

EU and Russian NGO Diplomacy in Georgia: A Shared Tool in a Shared Neighbourhood

Julie Martin, 2018

Post-Accession Democratic Decline: A Comparative Analysis of Defective Political Parties in Visegrad Member States

Chujun Song, 2017

Has Europe made its choice? : Assessing the impact of labour market flexibilization on the youth during the crisis.

Eleni Tsaireli, 2016

EU and US Policies against Cocaine Trafficking in Latin America: A comparative analysis of external cooperation in the framework of EU and US counter-drug strategies towards coca-cultivating countries

Bastian Gras, 2016

One for all and all for one? On the factors encouraging solidarity among EU citizens

Nicole Gonsior, 2016

Call yourself a feminist? A discourse analysis of the Honeyball Directive on sex work in the EU

Claudia Danielle Shute, 2016

Trouble on the Home Front? Assessing the Domestic Political Ramifications of the Ukraine Crisis in Russian Public Opinion

Galen Howard-Markley, 2015

Pushing the 'Fortress' outwards? Why has there been an increased externalisation of the EU's policy on irregular immigration and asylum? A critical analysis of Italy and the UK

Fiona Wong, 2015

State failure on the periphery of Europe: A comparative analysis of Libya and Syria

Theofanis Zarkos, 2015

Public Diplomacy 2.0 of International Organizations. A Case Study on the United Nations Twitter Account

Tjalke Christine Weber, 2015