University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA Education

Evaluating professional development in a sixth form college

Elizabeth Bentley-Pattison, 2019

An investigation into the effectiveness of an intensive English teacher training program on the language proficiency, pedagogic practices, and experiences of elementary school teachers in South Korea

Marli Van Vuuren, 2019

What are the Key Principles of Lesson Study, and can the Practice be Implemented Anywhere? A Systematic Review of the Evidence

Stuart Burrows, 2019

How are curriculum and pedagogy influencing students development of intercultural sensitivity?

Thomas Morgan, 2019

Supporting the teaching of secondary science to students who have English as an additional language: effective professional development for Western teachers of Emirati students in the UAE

Claire Khaliq, 2019

The impact of the sub-cultures of expatriate and local teachers on the ability of leaders in international schools to create a cohesive organisational culture: An ethnographic case study of an international school in Jordan

Susanne Marchant, 2019

In what ways does a natural woodland setting provide an enabling environment for play for children in an outdoor nursery in England?

Hannah Hogarth, 2018

A quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of adopting a CLIL-based approach to teaching iGCSE Biology to increase student outcomes, in a British school in Spain - an action research study.

Debra Ann Gregory, 2018

Formalising interdisciplinarity across degree programmes at a performing arts institution: is interdisciplinarity understood, valued and feasible?

Grahame Lockey, 2018

Understanding the challenges of small-scale college-based higher education

Gemma Long, 2018

Setting by Ability in Mathematics in the British Primary School.

Thomas Lynch, 2017

Understanding Intercultural Communicative Competence development through telecollaborative exchanges in French- and English-speaking countries: A Literature Review

Cherith Thompson, 2017

Listening to Students' Perceptions of Effective Written Teacher Feedback: A Case Study

Melanie Ward, 2017


Shelley Martland, 2017

International schooling in the face of globalization - do new realities need new typologies?

Daniel Warner, 2017

How did the headteacher in a small 11-16 secondary school in the south of England build capacity for sustained school improvement?

Carla Turner, 2017

The Influence of the Welsh Baccalaureate on the Identities and University Applications of Working and Middle-Class Students

Christopher Roberts, 2017

Understanding the teacher-child relationship in play-based learning in a Singaporean context.

Caroline Serena Essame, 2016

The attributes of Mathematical Resilience a comparison between state and private school students

Richard Butterfield, 2016

To what extent does the teaching of mathematics reflect IB philosophy and the reasons why: A case study in an IB World School, in East Africa.

Ian Marsh, 2016

Reflective Practice in the professional lives of Teacher Educators

Paul Holdsworth, 2016

An analysis of self-assessment of readiness amongst students embarking upon the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Experiences from an English selective independent school.

Andrew Baynes, 2015

An Exploration Into Education as an Ideological Battleground, Using the Theories of Gramsci and Bourdieu within the context of South Korea's transformation from Dictatorship to Democracy.

David Alexander Shiels, 2015