University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA International Relations and European Politics

Migration and the Radical Right at the European Parliament: Policy, position and ideology 2014-2019

Abigail Downie, 2019

La guerra de la informacin (information warfare): political legitimacy, discourse theory, and social media use during the January 2019 Venezuelan constitution crisis

Lewis C. N. Boulton, 2019

A seat at the table: Exploring the challenges/barriers that prevent women in post-conflict countries from being chief negotiators during the peace-building process

Christabel Dzifa Tulashie, 2019

Prisoners to the US: a study of climate protection under conditions of international anarchy

Ellen Dalrymple, 2019

You cannot buy a World Cup (Sepp Blatter). Does the Qatar 2022 bid merit a new consideration of corruption?

Georgia Moulder, 2018

How does the establishment of the Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities influence the stability of Kosovo? An examination of the phenomenon through the theoretical lenses of consociationalism versus integrationism

Vjosa Rexhepi, 2017

In which way and to what extent do political parties engage with the EU and EU policies during European Parliament Election campaigns: A comparative analysis of pro-European and Eurosceptic parties in the UK and Greece.

Natalia Vlastari, 2017

Does the Enforcement of Humanitarian Norms serve Security in the Third World? A Comparison of Ayoob's Subaltern Realist Perspective and Kaldor's New War Theory.

Anna Katharina Kaufmann, 2015