University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Applied Clinical Psychology

Exploring Peoples Experiences of Home Practice During A Mindfulness for Psychosis Group: A Systematic Review and A Thematic Analysis

Twinkle Choksi, 2019

The experience and the perception of adults with depression about smoking cessation: A qualitative study

Sofia Araka, 2019

Exploring Self-Compassion and Body Functionality Appreciation as Potential Mechanisms of Change in Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Body Weight and Shape Concern: A Randomised Control Trial.

Freya Lenton, 2019

Investigating the Efficacy of Mindfulness on Body Image Outcomes for Males: A Randomised Control Trial

Gemma Cypher, 2019

Brain Structural Correlates of Emotion Recognition in Youths with Conduct Disorder: A Region of Interest Analysis

Tamara Smith Jones, 2019

Does Thinking About Children Increase Prosocial Motivation and Decrease Depressive Mood? Investigation of the Process Behind this Effect.

Alice Drake, 2019

The Effect of Value Fulfilment on Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Hamdullah Tunc, 2019

Mechanisms of change in mindfulness based interventions for eating disorder prevention

Areej Elgaziari, 2019

Exploring Experiences and Perceptions of Sexual Pleasure in Women with Learning Disabilities

Sarah O'Neill, 2019

An Online Investigation of Perceptual Bias for Object Values in Hoarding Disorder Compared to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Non-Clinical Population

Ka Yan Yuen, 2019

Exploring emotion regulation as a potential mechanism of mindfulness training for body shape and weight concern in women: A randomised controlled trial

Wing Yin Cannise Lai, 2019


Radhika Bhatia, 2019

How fast can we go before we cannot detect threat? Temporal Limits of Threat Detection in Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation of the Human Brain

Kwan Wai Constance Chan, 2019

Experimentally Investigating Differences in the Learning of a Radical and Non-Radical Rule, and Exploring the Impact of Feedback Type and Depressive Symptoms

Hazel Robinson, 2019

A Thematic Analysis Exploring the Psychological Well-Being of Adults Born with Oesophageal Atresia

Caitlin Rabone, 2019


Buse Durdurak, 2019

Adapting Employment Interview Questions for Autistic Adults

Jemma Nicholson, 2019

The Discursive Construction of Transgender Issues in the Twitter Debate

Annabel Spurgeon, 2019

A Systematic Review of Formal Home Practice in Mindfulness for Psychosis Groups Compared to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Groups For Depression

Katherine Sawyer, 2019

Experimentally investigating the differences in learning radical and non-radical social norms in university students, and the potential risk factors this can influence this learning.

Bethany Soutter, 2019

Individual Differences in the Subjective Experience and Perception of Breathlessness

Olivia Bryant, 2019

An Exploratory Qualitative Research Analysis: How the Experience of Depression Impacts theImproving Access to Psychological Therapies(IAPT) Service Users Motivations to Smoke and Quit Smoking.

Hiu Nam Jessica Chea, 2019

Impact of Induced trauma on Detection of Facial Anger and Threat in Young Adults: Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation Oddball Paradigm

Pavithra Kumar, 2019

A Multimodal Approach to Investigate Attentional Biases Towards Pain

Theodora Papaioannou, 2019

Health professionals views about smoking and mental health: a cross sectional study

Nikoleta Pnevmatikou, 2019

Investigating the relationship between Instagram use, depressive symptoms and online social comparison in adults: Using an objective measure of Instagram use

Emma Wood, 2019

A Cross-Sectional Investigation Exploring the Mental Health of Adults with Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula

Lianne Clarke, 2019

A cross sectional study investigating the relationship between Instagram use, social comparison and depressive symptoms in an adult sample.

Phoebe Pollington, 2019

The impact of value fulfilment on well-being: A cross cultural perspective

Divija Bhasin, 2019

Individual Differences on the Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test: A Replication and Extension of Oakley et al. (2016)

Bethany Carr, 2018

Investigating the effect of feminist identification and media exposure on positive body image and consideration of cosmetic surgery.

Sana Khoshnaw, 2018

A Quasi-Experiment on Perceived Object Values in Hoarding Disorder & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Olivia Buckeridge, 2018

Testing perceptual enumeration in ASD versus controls

Yan Yi Siu, 2018

Exploring Habitual Negative Thinking: Do individuals with Autism experience higher levels of depression than Typically Developing individuals?

Elaine Denise Borbolla, 2018

Investigating the Phenomenology of Restricted and Repetitive Thinking in Autistic and Typically Developing Adults

Jaxon Kramer, 2018

Working Memory Deficits and EEG correlates in Patients with a Transient Ischemic Attack

Lucy Gallop, 2018

Trait Psychopathy and Neural Response to Painful Stimuli - an ERP Study in a General Population Sample

Olaf Kristiansen, 2018

The effect of exploration modes on the crossmodal correspondence between objects and perceived speed

Jiayue Qin, 2018

Feminist identity as a potential moderator of the effects of idealised imagery on appearance comparisons and appearance investment.

Fennel Maya, 2018

Investigating the use of the fast periodic visual stimulation paradigm for detecting short-term memory in healthy adults

Daniel Warren, 2018


Lauren Vicarage, 2018

The Social Construction of Adolescent Gender Variance Amongst Parents: A Story Completion Study

Jonathan Beavis, 2018

Social Constructions of Gender Variance in Five Year Olds: A Qualitative Study Utilising Story-Completion Methods.

Serena Nelson-Hall, 2018

Creating the First Online Version of the Frith-Happé Animations Task.

Joseph Riddell, 2018

Immersion and presence in virtual reality: Predicting clinical symptoms and current mood

Olivia Moran, 2018

Dispositional Mindfulness, gratitude and self-compassion: factors affecting tinnitus distress

Megan Reeves, 2018

Does social media make you depressed? The role of communication type and relationship strength

Christina Marangou, 2018

Comparing empathy in autistic and control subjects, using the child Empathy Components Questionnaire.

Shannon Potter, 2018

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: What sort of support are sufferers seeking on Twitter and are they receiving it?

Harpreet Singh, 2018

Value lies in the eye of the beholder: An online survey investigation into the effect of hoarding disorder on object value perception

Cline Josephine Giese, 2018

Exploring the Use of the EEG Fastball Paradigm in Paired-Associative Learning Ability with the Additional Use of Distraction Tasks.

Andrew Streatfield, 2018

Sensory dominance in multisensory perception: how sensory reliability influences integration of auditory, visual and haptic information

Angela Baufeldt, 2018

The differential effects of ruminative induced mood changes on social evaluative processing

Catherine Bailey, 2018

The Development of the Self and Self-Referential Processing in Children and Adolescents

Alexandra Burdass, 2018

The Effectiveness of the Social Story Intervention when Implemented in a Naturalistic Setting

Phoebe Toms, 2018