University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Economics & Finance

Structural VAR analysis of the Unconventional Monetary Policy in Japan, UK and USA.

Marcin Chowalko, 2019

The nexus between financial development and energy consumption in the process of urbanization

Bingqing Wang, 2018

Forecast model and forecast encompassing tests on the US Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Thanh Luu, 2017

Investigation of the determinants of the UK household recycling rate

Dan Lu, 2017

The Relationship between FDI and Economic Growth Based on Fixed Effects Model: Evidence from China

Yangqianqian Ou, 2017

Determinants of the House Price in Urban China

Qi Chang, 2017

Cultural Difference and Corruption: From lab experiment and survey perspective

Ying Cheng, 2017

Testing the performance of HBL model in posted offer auctions

Pengcheng Zhang, 2017

A Study of Voluntary Agreement in Global Warming Mitigation

Xinyu Huang, 2017


Nan Cheng, 2017

Modelling the volatility of stock market returns and their correlation using GARCH models and DCC-GARCH modelThe case of US, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mexico

Xinning Zhang, 2017

Cheap Talk Strategy in Crowdfunding

Yaolang Zhong, 2017

comparison of the returns of three statistical arbitrage strategies: SSD, Engle-Granger and Johansen

Zhuoran Li, 2017

Legalising Bribe Giving as An Anti-Corruption Policy: An Experimental Study in Developing Countries

Dongyang Chen, 2017

The Impact of Monetary Policy on Housing Price in China

Xuelin Lu, 2017

The Relationship between the Foreign Exchange Market, Housing Market and Stock Market in the UK: An Empirical Analysis

Yidi Sun, 2017

An analysis on the influence of the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Connect Program through two multiple GARCH models

Dawei Shi, 2017

Empirical Research of Pairs Trading Strategy Based on Cointegration Method in Chinese Coal Industry

Yiyi Wang, 2017

The Dynamic Private Provision of Discrete Public Goods

Jia Shang, 2017

Financial complexity and structured financial products in China

Jieyu Gao, 2017

Inequality and economic development: A survey of literature

Yetian Xiong, 2017

The psychological effects of in-eventmomentum during competition:Evidence from high-pressure knock-out environments

Lloyd Thomas, 2017

The Effect of Monetary Policy Shock in the UK: Based on Structural VAR Using Shadow Policy Rate

Yunzhi Tian, 2017

Exchange rate volatility, financial crises and FDI Inflows in seven major EU countries

Zijun Zhu, 2017

The convergence and ripple effect inChinas housing market.

Jiahui Zhong, 2017

Empirical tests of Uncovered Interest Rate Parity between United Kingdom and Eurozone countries

Yaxuan Zhang, 2017


Oluwatimilehin Sotubo, 2017

Price discrimination in the Airline Industry; In the Light of the Versioning Characteristics

Jingrong Ma, 2016

House Price and Its determinants in the UK

Xiaonan Zhou, 2016

Probit Analysis of Differences Between Male and Female Employment in Urban China

Xuyu Qiu, 2016

The Impact of Income Inequality on Economic Growth and Inflation

Jiaguan Xiong, 2016

Geographic Agglomeration and Economic Growth: Empirical Study of Manufacturing Industry in Chinese Regions

Lidan Xu, 2016


Foluke Daniel, 2016

The Analysis and Comparisons of Black-WhiteEmployment Rate in Two Troughs

Miao Yu, 2016

Modelling and Forecasting the Stock Market Volatility of Shanghai A-share Index Using GARCH-Models

Yuexian Tang, 2016

Financial market impact of quantitative easing in the US

Jian Shen, 2016

The Effects of the US Quantitative Easing on China's Inflation

Tian Gan, 2016

Causal relationships between economic growth, FDI, export and inflation based on VECM: Evidence from China

Shuqi Zhang, 2016

Empirical Analysis of Stocks Indexes by GARCHFamily and DCC-GARCH Models in U.S,Hong Kong and Japan Markets

Jiaxin Han, 2016

The impact of oil prices and exchange rate on economic growth in China

Jiaxin Peng, 2016

The Effects of Political Institutions on Educational Investment

Giuseppe Teoli, 2016

Social Capital and Economic GrowthTheoretical and Empirical Evidence

Jingning Fang, 2016

Analysing the Effects of Oil Price and Monetary Policy Shocks on the United Kingdom Macroeconomy: A Nonlinear VAR and VECM Approach

Harrison Bone, 2016

Monetary Aggregates, Money Shocksand Business Cycle Fluctuations

Zhaoying Cao, 2016

An analysis of China mutual fund fee dispersion

Zhihan Shi, 2016

The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on Real GDP and Exchange Rate of Oil Importers and Oil Exporters

Yaoyao Gu, 2016

Analysis of Brexit Impacts on the UK Financial Services Sector

Jiahua Huang, 2016

PPP Testing and Determinants of Exchange Rate between CNY and USD

Yiting Tong, 2016

Macroeconomic determinants of US housing price

Qianru Yang, 2016

An Investigation of the Change ofImpact of Individual Factors on theFemale Employment in Urban China

Jieyun Lu, 2016


Chen He, 2016

House Prices and its Determinants in US Housing Market

Sijia Ma, 2016

Does FDI positively impact GDP? The case of China compared to the United States.

Shengyu Qiao, 2016

Moral Hazard Problems of Venture Capital in China

Yiyi Cai, 2016

Empirically analysing the relation between unemployment and the real wage inflation with New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve Model in U.S. market.

Lan Zheng, 2016

Bank of Japans Quantitative Easing and the spillover effects on Vietnams economy

Khanh Linh Vu, 2016

Forecasting Inflation Using ARIMA Model:An Empirical Comparison

Shanshan Liu, 2016

The Relationship between Economic Growth and Inflation in China

Dudu Zhang, 2016

Modelling and forecasting volatility of Chinese stock market using GARCH type models

Ting Zhang, 2016

An empirical study of the Log Periodic Power Laws Model from the 2014-2015 Chinese stock market bubble

Fengqing Lu, 2016

Markov Perfect Equilibrium: Concepts with Illustrations

Anli Cai, 2016

Effects of Oil Price Shock and Real Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Economic Growth for China, Norway and the United States

Yufei Xi, 2016

A straightforward approach to study the validity of Purchasing Power Parity theory: A long run relationship for China-US Economy

Xiaxi Li, 2016

A study of Norways sickness absence: Do fluctuations in the price of oil have an impact?

Nina Olsen Harvei, 2016

Testing the Purchasing Power Parity Hypothesis and the 'Sticky'-price Monetary Model on a commodity currency: the case of Norway.

Kaare Traaseth, 2016


Cong Su, 2015

Testing the predictive ability of stock return and the robust inference in short horizon

Lihua Wu, 2015

Is the RMB undervalued? An empirical study based on testing the flexible price monetary model of the RMB/Dollar from 2005 to 2015

Yajie Xu, 2015

A Study of Peer Pressure with Peer-to-Peer Monitoring

Wenyu Zhu, 2015

Forecasting the US GDP Growth Rate Using ARIMA, VAR and VECM

Chalavat Srithongkul, 2015

Stock market performance and macroeconomic variables: Evidence from the US and Germany

Najaree Nimitkamolchai, 2015

Principal-Agent Relationship Based on Warm-Glow Effect

Yangyang Li, 2015


Yang Su, 2015

The relationship between macroeconomic indicators and stockmarket performance in traditional and emerging industries:Evidence from US market

Zhe Hong, 2015

Exchange rate models and the determinants of the Australian dollar-USD rate from 1995-2014

Jingyi Dong, 2015

Tacit Collusion in Repeated Second Price Auctions

James Bentley, 2015

Monopoly Regulation and Economic Welfare

Chunfen Hong, 2015

Momentum and Contrarian Effects in Chinese Stock Markets

Na Yu, 2015

The long-run relationship between domestic macroeconomic indicators and the performance of stock prices in UK a comparison of FTSE100 and FTSE SmallCap

Jiexiang Huang, 2015

The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on the Macroeconomy of Oil-importers and Oil-exportersBased on VAR Model

Yue Qin, 2015

Empirical tests of monetary models: evidencefrom Japan and the United States

Yong Liu, 2015

Discount rates and savings behaviour

Mengna Tang, 2015

Various Facets of Credit Default Swaps:Evidence from Europe

Utkarsh Katyaayun, 2015

Integration Psychology and Economics: Reciprocity and Fairness in the Wage-Effort Relationship

Lin Cheng, 2015

Linear versus Non Linear Estimation for determining Exchange Rates: A focus on the Indian Rupee

Apurv Singh, 2015

Exploring the Dynamic Volatility of Real GDP Growth in the United States

Cheng Zhong, 2015