University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Finance with Banking


Valenzuela Eduardo Arcala, 2018

Option Pricing: A Practical View from Theory

Yibo Chen, 2018

An investigation of the spillover effects between international oil market and two Chinese energy stock markets based on VAR-BEKKGARCH and Asymmetric-VAR-BEKK-GARCH models

Siwei Gao, 2018

A Study of Short-term Performance of Domestic and Crossborder Mergers and Acquisitions by Chinese Listed Companies

Xiaorui Huang, 2018

The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy on Real Estate Prices in China

Ruijie Liu, 2018

Governance Mechanisms and Bank Performance Evidence from 16 Chinese Listed Banks

Zhonghua Wang, 2018

Liquidity Transmission in the Chinese Financial Market

Yuyang Xie, 2018

Pricing research on motor vehicle accident liability compulsory insurance: the case in Mainland China

Xuejie Xu, 2018

The banking business models and asset quality

Mansi Yao, 2018

Equity Risk Premiums in International Equity Markets

Shiying Ding, 2017

Financial Modelling: Using Historical Financial Information to Predict the Performance of US Bank Stocks.

Joshua Olawore, 2017

An Empirical Study on Value-Growth Strategy - Evidence of China's Stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges

Si Ma, 2017

Term Structure Models and the Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives

Florian Georg, 2017

Competition and Stability in Banking

Duan Zhuoyi, 2016

"Behavioral Finance: A Research into the Effects of Frequency, Sunk Cost, Overconfidence, and Regret on Project Entrapment"

Li Yuhao, 2016

The Impact of Non-tradable Shares Reform on IPO Underpricing in China

Qiu Yiyi, 2016

Does EU-wide Stress-test Reduca Bank Opaqueness and Increase Market Stability?

Zmire Ivana, 2016

Evaluation of the factors that led to the U.S. bank failures during the period of 2008-2013

Christothea Mavronikola, 2015