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EndNote Online: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the Cite While You Write toolbar in Word?

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

Why can't I edit or add new output styles?
How do I remove author names from parentheses/brackets?

How do I add page numbers to a citation? 
How do I change a book reference into a chapter reference?


How do I change a title from upper-case to lower-case letters?


How do I correct the format of an institutional author name?


How do I change the font/spacing within my reference list?


How do I merge EndNote references from different documents into one document?
  1. Very important: before you try to merge any references, ensure that you save separate "back-up" copies of each individual unmerged document. This will provide enable you to return to the unmerged documents if something were to go wrong with the following processes:
  2. Open EndNote Online and delete any duplicate references that you have stored. 
  3. For each Word document that you wish to be merged, follow steps 4-5.
  4. Open the EndNote tab/ribbon.  Click the down-arrow just underneath Convert Citations and Bibliography
  5. Select Covert to Unformatted Citations.  The EndNote citations in your text will now appear in curly brackets.
  6. Copy and paste all the text from each document (but not the associated reference lists) into a single new Word document.  Edit the text as necessary (e.g. correct spacing and formatting, moving sections of text around).
  7. Within the new merged Word document, go to EndNote tab and choose Bibliography > Format Bibliography > Layout to set the output style including font size, reference page title, and spacing.
  8. From the EndNote tab, select Update Citations and Bibliography
  9. While EndNote updates the references, a "Select Matching Reference" dialog-box may appear (i.e. if a name or year has been modified, or there are multiple matches for a citation). If so, click Insert until the process is complete.

What should I do if get this error message: EndNote Online does not currently support this service?
What should I get an error message in Microsoft Word stating that I can not connect to EndNote Online?
Can I sync EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online so changes made in one are updated automatically in the other?

Can several people in my department open one EndNote Online library?