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Referencing and Plagiarism

It is very important to learn how to cite and reference in your assignments so that your tutor can find the sources of information that you have used. It is also necessary in order to avoid plagiarism.   Plagiarism occurs where you take other people's ideas and present them as your own without suitable reference to the original source. You can contact your Subject Librarian for advice on referencing.

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Citing & Referencing guidelines

Please refer to the Guide to citing & referencing (general principles) in conjunction with the relevant style sheet in the following table:

Name/date referencing style sheets Numeric referencing style sheets



BibTeX/BibLaTeX files

If you use LaTeX / BibTeX you may find the following Harvard Bath BibTeX and BibLaTeX template files useful. 

BibTeX Harvard Bath

BibLaTeX Harvard Bath 




libflicks-logo3  71 x 32 pixels Referencing: general principles & Harvard (Bath) examples (8 minutes)


Storing & organising your references 

You are less likely to make mistakes when referencing if you keep careful records of the articles and books that you use. You can do this by the following methods: