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The Library of the Royal Bath and West of England Society comprises books, journals and pamphlets, assembled by the Society since its foundation in 1777, relating to all aspects of agricultural life and rural history. Topics covered include crop cultivation, machinery and equipment, animal husbandry, mechanisation, labourers and the organisation of the agricultural workforce, dairy production, livestock diseases and pests, efficacy of manures, botanical studies of plant strains, fruit growing, fungi, geology, genetics in breeding and cheese making.

Eighteenth and nineteenth century works on the South and West of England counties are most strongly represented, but the collection also contains works dating back to the seventeenth century including various guides to farming methods and practices, and works by major authors such as Jethro Tull, John Evelyn and Richard Jefferies. Rare early publications include 'The English Husbandman' by Gervase Markham published in 1613 and 'An Account of the Principal English Grasses ...' by William Sole, a unique, finely illustrated study of native species, their characteristics and uses published c.1800. The collection also contains a comprehensive series of the Society's own publications which document the examination and discussion of a wide range of agriculture-related issues over a period of nearly 150 years. 

A list of the journals included in the library is available in PDF format. The following articles provide information on the library's background and history:

The library was deposited with the University of Bath in the 1970s. The Society's archive containing minute books, accounts, correspondence, photographs, press cuttings and other unpublished material, is held at Bath Record Office.

Size: Over 1,800 published works.


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