- The Library

Using the University Copy and Print machines 


How to add credit to your account

Using cash:

There are two cash loader machines on Level 2 of the Library.  These accept notes and coins.
















To log in, place your Library card on the card reader.  Your account balance will display. 

Add notes and / or coins. 

The machines accept: 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins as well as £5, £10 and £20 notes

There is a change machine adjacent to the cash loaders if you need it.

Press Finish.


Using online top-up

Alternatively you can top up your account online using your credit card, debit card or PayPal. 

Visit ups-topup.bath.ac.uk and log in.










Using the Change Machine

 The cash loader machines will accept notes, but if you wish to add a smaller amount of credit you can use the change machine adjacent to the value loaders.
The machine will change £20, £10 or £5 notes only.

The machine will dispense a mixture of £1 and 50p coins.


How to send a file to print from Library computers

Please make sure you have sufficient credit on your printing account.

With your file open, select File and Print.

Check the printer selected is either:-











Click the Print button – your file will be sent to the print queue so you can print this document the next time you log into one of the University printers.

Please note:  default settings for printing are black and white and double-sided.


How to print in colour or single sided

If you require colour or single-sided prints, click on the Printer Properties link:










On the Page Setup tab, select your desired settings and click OK. Click the Print button to send your file.











If you are printing in colour, make sure you log into one of the colour printer machines! 


How to log into Library printers

When you approach a printer, you will see this screen. 










The card reader is hidden under this sticker (see below):










If you have forgotten your Library card press the “Forgot Card” button on the login screen and enter your University log in details using the touchscreen keyboard.

 Logging out of the printer

When you have finished printing, remember to log out..

Press the button at the top of the screen that says your name and “Logout”.











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