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Open Access

Open access is the practice of making your research as widely available as possible so that all potential readers can make use of it, regardless of economic circumstance. The University of Bath requires that peer-reviewed research articles produced by academic staff are made openly available through our institutional repository. These pages aim to help you do that quickly and easily.

Ready for the next REF?

The next REF will require your work to be made open access. Our REF-ready guide will help you ensure that your work is eligible for REF submission.

Open Access Funding

While it is usually possible to make your work open access at no cost, some publishers require the payment of an ‘article processing charge’ (or APC). The open access team can help you with funding for open access publishing.

Open Access & Self Archiving Guides

The institutional repository provides public access to research papers produced by University of Bath staff. The university’s research information system, Pure, allows you to add your research outputs to the repository so that they are publicly available on the internet. Pure is easy to use but why not check out our quick guides to help you get the most out of Pure and find further information about self-archiving and open access policies.


Theses submitted by University of Bath PhD students are uploaded to Pure so that they are openly available through the institutional repository. See our page on submitting your thesis for more information.

Open Access Book Publishing

Some books and book chapters can be made open access

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