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Open Access Publications Deposit Mandate

University of Bath Open Access Mandate

  1. The University of Bath requires researchers to deposit full-text copies of their peer-reviewed journal articles and papers from published conference proceedings in the University of Bath research repository, Opus.
  2. The full-text of the paper and its details should be uploaded within three months of acceptance for publication. 
  3. Optional deposit of other research outputs such as book sections, reports, working papers and conference presentations is encouraged. These items will be identified as peer-reviewed or non-peer-reviewed as appropriate.
  4. The Library provides support for this activity and will check copyright permissions on all deposited papers.

Why do this?

  1. Increasing the availability of full-text peer-reviewed research articles and papers will lead to improved citations and usage. 
  2. Not all potential readers of your work can subscribe to the publication it appears in. Increasing journal subscription prices and University budget cuts will see Open Access copies more widely utilised.
  3. Publication details in Opus and Pure will be re-used to cut duplication of effort by researchers.  Opus and Pure can feed to researcher profile web pages and will be used for the University REF submission.  Lists can also be exported for appraisal or CV purposes
  4. HEFCE have made open access a requirement for the next REF for journal articles and for conference papers with an ISSN. Adding these to Opus once they have been accepted meets these requirements.
  5. Open Access is strongly supported by many funders, including the Research Councils, the European Commission, the Wellcome Trust and other charities. These bodies already mandate that publications based on funded research must be made publicly available. 
  6. Some publishers only allow authors to make their papers publicly available if it is mandated by the institution or funder. 
  7. Many other research-intensive universities have established open access mandates. This includes University College London, University of Bristol, University of Oxford and others. This gives these institutions an advantage for their publication dissemination and availability.

What does it mean for researchers?

Practically, the mandate requires researchers to save full-text copies of their peer-reviewed journal articles and papers in the University of Bath research repository, Opus. Uploading a copy of your paper and its details takes less than 10 minutes and can be achieved through Pure. All papers are copyright-checked by the Library to comply with publisher policy and permissions, providing safe and legal online storage. The Library also provides help and guidance as needed.

Open Access - Are you REF ready?

Our Open Access Mandate states that all new peer-reviewed journal articles and papers from published conference proceedings should be in Pure/Opus, in full text form. Full compliance with this mandate is now more urgent, as HEFCE's requirements for the next REF include the condition that outputs can only be submitted to the REF if they are published as open access at the point of acceptance. Full text at publication stage is now too late.

All researchers need to follow these three steps, to ensure that all your articles can be considered for the next REF – Keep, Upload & Contact.

  1. Keep your Authors’ Accepted Manuscript (a.)
  1. Upload the Authors’ Accepted Manuscript to Pure at the point of acceptance (b.)
  1. Contact the Library for help or advice (c.)

open-accessAll researchers must to follow this for their work to be considered for the REF, in line with the HEFCE policy on Open Access.

  1. Authors’ Accepted Manuscript – this is the final peer-reviewed manuscript, before the proof reading starts for the published version. It is often a Word document or LaTeX file or PDF.
  2. Point of acceptance – this is when the publisher confirms to you that your article has been accepted.
  3. Library Research Services staff are happy to help with questions about open access. Please contact:

Research Publications and Open Access Team
Email: openaccess@bath.ac.uk  Telephone:  x5114