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Open Access - Are you (next) REF ready?

The University of Bath Open Access Mandate states that all new journal articles - and papers from published conference proceedings - should be deposited in Pure, in full-text form. Compliance with this mandate is necessary as the requirements for the next REF include the condition that papers can only be submitted if they are made available at the point of acceptance for publication. There is a three-month window to do this. To ensure that your articles can be considered for the next REF, you will need to follow these three steps:

Keep, Upload, Contact.

1. Keep your Authors’ Accepted Manuscript1

2. Upload the Authors’ Accepted Manuscript to Pure as soon as it is accepted for publication

3. Contact the Library for help or advice

All researchers must follow the above steps for their work to be considered for the REF.

Practical steps for Bath authors are shown in this workflow diagram. Further information on open access funding is available, including specific information for RCUK funded researchers.

1 Authors’ Accepted Manuscript – this is the final peer-reviewed manuscript, before the proof reading starts for the published version. It is often a Word document or LaTeX file or PDF.