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What is a QR Code?

In simple terms a QR or Quick Response Code is a type of barcode. If your phone has a QR Code Reader application installed you can take a picture of the Codes and they'll link your phone to a webpage or specific content.

This is an example of QR Code. By scanning this with a compatible mobile phone, you can download an MP3 audio tour of Level 3 of the Library to your phone.

QR Code Link to The Library

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office is currently promoting the use of QR Codes on campus

Why would I use a QR Code?

You may find that scanning a QR Code and storing or accessing data directly using your mobile phone is more convenient that writing down URLs on a separate piece of paper.

For example, some students may have seen QR Codes on lecture slides that provide a weblink to course content stored on Moodle or go to a lecturer's homepage.

QR Codes in the Library

You'll find QR Codes in use in the Library:


Is my phone compatible?

Most modern phone handsets with a camera will be able to capture QR Codes. However, you may need to install a QR Code Reader application specific to your phone handset before you can read the codes.

If not then you can easily install a free one. There are various ways of locating QR Code reader software for your mobile phone:

If your phone has wireless network access, you should be able to download data using QR Codes by connecting to the campus wireless network.

Otherwise, make sure you are aware of the charges for downloading data if you are accessing online content through your mobile phone service provider network.

Further Information

The Learning Teaching and Enhancement Office (LTEO) maintains online resources relating to QR Codes.

Links to External websites for QR Code Reader software: