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Confidential waste paper disposal

The University has a contract with M & J Bowers Ltd covering the confidential destruction of waste paper. M & J Bowers Ltd are registered with the Environment Agency, ISO 9001:2008 accredited and fully compliant with BS EN 15713:2009. All confidential waste paper is cross shredded to 15mm pieces at a secure location on site before being removed from campus.

If you need to destroy personal or sensitive paper material follow steps 1 to 4 below.

Step 1: Is your paper waste confidential?

Material belonging to any of the following categories must be treated as confidential:

Material not classified as confidential should be recycled in the paper bins.

Step 2: Order confidential waste sacks

Step 3: Fill sacks

Step 4: Arrange for collection

Contact your building porter or email: waste@lists.bath.ac.uk to arrange collection for final disposal.

For further advice, or if you have any special requirements contact: waste@lists.bath.ac.uk.

CDs, DVDs or other media you wish to dispose of confidentially please contact: waste@lists.bath.ac.uk.