- The Library


  • BizStats: free business statistics & financial ratios

  • Economic Freedom of the World: the EFW index is designed to measure the freedom of individuals, in a given country, to make their own economic decisions in five major areas: size of government; legal system and security of property rights; sound money; freedom to trade internationally; and regulation. Data is available from 1970 onwards.
  • Eurostat: statistical data comparing social & economic status of EC member states

  • ILOSTAT: view & extract labour data & metadata across many countries & terrirtories: data provided by the International Labour Organization
  • Index of Economic Freedom: compares economies of various countries over a series of years by ranking & analysing business/trade/investment freedoms and property rights - individual books chapters can ber downloaded (some previous material is also available in Spanish) - updated annually by the Heritage Foundation (a US 'think-tank') & the Wall Street Journal

  • International Country Risk Guide: Researcher Database T3B: annual averages of components within political risk ratings (Table 3B): coverage from 1984 onwards
  • National Statistics: UK's economy, population & society at national/local level: summaries of key areas plus downloadable data into spreadsheets
  • OECD iLibrary: statistics & OECD publications (factbook, selected periodicals, statistical series, STI scoreboard, working papers).  OECD has its own range of official support materials including instructional videos  
  • Passport
    * Consumer and service markets: detailed reports across 80 countries.
    * Countries: profiles (demographic, economic, political) and country briefings (risk and vulnerability reports)
    * Companies: profiles, market share and brand share rankings.
    * Lifestyle statistics: reports on 76 countries detailing consumer habits and lifestyles.
    * Updated analysis: daily industry and country news.
    * Statistics: international macro-economic and demographic data. 

    Videos demonstrating the use of Passport
    * Tutorial (10 min 16 sec) - provided by Euromonitor
    * Finding economic indicators (3 min)
    Different methods of data discovery (5 min 54 sec)
    * Finding global online spend by industry (2 min 50 sec)
    Finding industrial ISIC reports (4 min 29 sec)

  • Statista: a Google-like search tool for market research and statistics with facts and figures easily displayed in charts and graphs

    Access to 1 million statistics - ready to use in PPT, XLS and PNG formats 
    * PowerPoint dossiers on 3000 of the most searched-for topics such as online gaming, e-commerce, car sharing and organic food markets
    * Revenue forecasts on 42 countries and 400 industries covering 2015 to 2020
    * Industry reports (USA-focused) including SWOT analyses and forecasts
    * Video guide (4 min 36 sec) 
  • UK Data Service: a major resource for UK government, international and longitudinal socio-economic data. Coverage includes the British Crime Survey, British Household Panel Survey, General Household Survey, Labour Force Survey and the World Bank's data.  Further content includes the British Cohort Study, International Social Survey Programme, Millennium Cohort Study, National Statistics Time Series and statistics from the IMF and IEA (International Energy Agency). To access some data, you need to log in/register with UK Data Service. Some datasets restrict access e.g. where commercial usage might be sought, permission could be required or sponsoring organisations may vet publications.   

  • United Nations Statistical Databases (UNSD): social & economic data - most are freely available
  • UN Comtrade: annual commodity trade statistics provided by UN countries: organised by commodity & partner country and processed into a standard format/valuation; all values are converted into US dollars - data coverage of some countries' data from 1962 onwards
  • World Bank Data: includes representations of data in map, chart & graph formats  
  • World Development Indicators (WDI): World Bank's annual compilation of development data 1960-2000: time-series indicators for individual countries & groups of countries covering social/economic indicators, education, GNI per capita & population projections - also offers mapping, charting, data export formats & online access to the entire WDI book.